Gender and Development

Gender and International Development

2nd semester

Gender and development constitutes its own academic sub-field and has proven to be an enduring international policy and planning focus since the 1970s. With this in mind, the foundational questions that underlie this course are: 
• Why should the issue of gender constitute a legitimate planning tradition in its own right? 
• Why do the proliferating numbers of policies and plans for action in gender and development often fail to be implemented? 
• How do transnational relationships shape trends in gender and development? 

Gender and Feminism – Theory and Practice


The course will introduce feminist theories from the global South and North, and explore the role of gender in social, cultural and economic processes. We will consider gendered social constructions, and the relationship between ideology and disenfranchising practices in everyday lives. The course will begin with an introduction to the field of gender, sexuality and feminist thought, following we will examine matrixes of oppression in the South and gender and globalization. 


Dr. Hadas Cohen

Visiting researcher at the Davis Institute for International Relations