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About Glocal


Glocal International Development is an innovative, interdisciplinary 18-month M.A. program which aims to effectively translate academic research into practical understanding conducive to work with communities and development organizations across the globe. 
An integral part of the program is the internship, which serves to supplement each student's academic learning with a grounded, local experience and solid professional guidance.
As one of the few English-language M.A. programs offered at the Hebrew University, Glocal also strives to be accessible to a range of students, especially those coming from abroad. Students come from diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds, comprising a dynamic cohort of up to 25 students.
Join Glocal's multicultural and multi-ethnic student body and become part of a holistic learning experience and alternative approach to student life and study. Become part of a new generation of development professionals equipped with the latest theories and expertise and also capable of comprehending and engaging with the complexities of the challenges facing marginalized communities in the developing world.


About the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) is the leading university in Israel and regularly ranked in the top 100 universities in the world - along with Harvard, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford.  After graduation, HUJI alumni assume key positions in academia and the business sector, public service and the  worlds of culture and the humanities. For More Details


Students' life in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is mostly famous for being one of the most important religious city for Judaism, Christianity, and the Islam.  For those living in Jerusalem, it is a thriving city and a modern metropolis, rich in art and history, restaurants and coffee shops, pubs and dance clubs.  Throughout the year, the city hosts festivals, exhibitions, international conferences and sports competitions.  Jerusalem is a hub for innovation, both technologically, and for community, social based initiatives.



We provide a limited amount of scholarships for students from developing countries. Additionally, we offer designated scholarships for Palestinian students and to selected applicants from Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina. Following the acceptance to the program, the admission team will send potential candidates the information about financial assistance and available scholarships. For further information, please refer to the FAQ page.