The Glocal program enjoys support from private and nonprofit organizations, as well as from individual benefactors. Glocal supporters have been a central force in the program's development, and their commitment remains crucial to our continued success.


The Glocal program wishes to thank all its donors and partners, including The Pears Family Foundation, Vital Capital, Alan Doran Family Foundation, Yad Hanadiv, and many personal contributions.


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Other partnerships on various scales was initiated with several other organizations in the field of social change. This organizations include: Care International, Oxfam, Tevel , The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Ajeec Nisped, IPCRI, and many more.  




In order to keep our reach to communities in the developing world, the diversity of our students and the combination of theory and practice, Glocal continues to search for partners and foundations who are willing to support both students from development countries in their studies at Glocal; and Glocal students' internship expenses in the developing world.

Please contact us at for more information.