Eligibility & Costs

We require the following criteria: 

  • A B.A. with an average of 80 and above, from a university recognized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For American and European students, please contact the Office of Overseas Students’ Admissions in order to receive your equivalent minimum grade average.
  • Fluency in English. English proficiency is measured by either the English language subsection of the Psychometric Test, the NITE Amir Test or Amiram Test (computerized Amir). Applicants who have completed a full course of study at an institution where the language of instruction is English, or who completed a degree program in English Language and/or Literature may be exempt in case Hebrew University overseas admissions office recognizes the program or university. For further information about the required level of English for acceptance, please follow this link.
  • High motivation. 
  • Experience in social activism or community work. Prior experience working or volunteering in the developing world is a definite advantage.
  • The commitment to participate in an intensive program of study, including a 4-month internship.


Tuition and Scholarships:

Tuition fees for the program are approximately (updated for 2019-2020 Academic year):

For Domestic Applicants: 14,000 NIS (about 3,800 USD) per year (total costs: 28,000 NIS / 7,600 USD for two years)

For International Applicants:  18,000 NIS (about 4,900 USD) per year (total costs: 36,000 NIS/ 9,800 USD for the two years).

These costs are only for university tutition fees. Internship related costs are not covered by the program, though Glocal hopes to provide 40% of the costs related to the internship.


Internships costs vary obviously according to locations and individual students. From Glocal's experience, a four months internship in a developing country cost between 4,000-7,000 USD including flights, accommodation and living expenses in the field. 

We provide a limited amount of scholarships for students from developing countries. Additionally, we offer designated scholarships for Palestinian students and to selected applicants from Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador. Following the acceptance to the program, the admission team will send potential candidates the information about financial assistance and available scholarships. For further information, please refer to the Scholarships page.


Foreign students, accepted to the program, are eligible to apply to scholarships provided by the Ministry of foreign affairs. For more information and application, please visit this website

Israeli students might find information about possible funding in the relevant section of the Scholarships page.