The Glocal programme organises a few important events through the academic year. These include:

  • The Glocal Annual event in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem: This is the graduation event for the cohort who has just returned from their internships. The annual event is an occasion for students, staff and lecturers, alumni, family members and partner organisations to hear about the students' interesting work in the field.
  • The Glocal Magazine Launch: this annual event presents the magazine Glocal publishes every year. The event is usually organised in Tel-Aviv and includes presentations and panel discussions regarding the topic of that year's magazine. 
  • The Joint Pears Event: this annual event brings together the three international programmes supported by the Pears Family Foundation at the Hebrew University: Glocal, the International Master in Public Health and the international programme of the Agriculture faculty in the Rehovot Campus.
  • Workshops and encounters: as the main degree in Israel in International Development, Glocal organises and participates in many workshops, meetings and encounters both within the university and with development practices.