Program Structure

Program Structure


Students earn an M.A. in International Development (Glocal) over the course of 18 months. The first year includes two academic semesters of coursework while in the second year, students participate in a 4-month internship and a final 8-week concluding seminar.

  • Courses take place two days a week, usually Mondays and Tuesdays. Additional days attendence might be required for special workshops, tours or other activities.

  • Through the third semester in Glocal, our students pursue their internships in local or international organizations. Internships are full-time for the duration of four months.

  • Upon completion of their internships, Glocal students return to Jerusalem for an 8-week closing seminar. The graduation ceremony and the program’s annual conference takes place at the end of the seminar while the Students are expected to complete their final seminar paper by the end of the 4th semester

Mandatory & Elective Courses

The Glocal program is comprised of 36-37 credits. Usually 31 credits are earned in mandatory mandatory courses and about 6 credits are given in elective courses.

Additionally, throughout the program we will offer some professional development workshops, which are not credited but are valuable professionally.

Optional Research Track

Every year, a limited number of outstanding Glocal students may apply to the Research Track.  These students will focus on the Glocal’s mission to advance critical global thinking, while challenging existing theories in the field of international development. Students are expected to submit a formal request by the 2nd semester of the 1st academic year and submit the full thesis by the end of the 2nd academic year. Research Track can be combined with other tracks.

Optional Gender Studies track

Glocal offers a specialization track in Gender and Development. This is open to all students (research or non-research). The gender studies track requires you to complete on top of the 36/37 credits, an additional few credits (total around 42 credits) dedicated to gender studies.

In the gender studies track, the practicum and internship (part of the mandatory Glocal courses) need to have a focus on gender and development.

Students interested to register in the specialization should contact the program coordinator: