Ms. Yalee Azani

After graduating from my B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Education at Ben Gurion University, Yalee worked as a project manager at The Art and Culture Foundation in Angola.  After 3 years in Angola, she came back to Israel for Glocal program. As part of her studies, she did her internship with Population Council in Zambia at Adolescent Girls Empowering Program. She managed a team of 13 observers, whom we also trained to conduct monitoring visits in order to evaluate the quality of mentors' preforms in facilitating safe space meetings with the girls. After graduating she joined Tag International Development in Myanmar as a Business Developer of a project called “Plan Bee”. The project aimed to improve livelihood and food security through a beekeeping project funded by the UNOPS. Yalee joined Glocal as an Internship Coordinator in October 2018.