Dr. Hadas Cohen

Visiting researcher at the Davis Institute for International Relations

Dr. Hadas Cohen is a post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University, and she teaches at the Hebrew University. She holds a PhD in political science from the New School University, a Master’s degree in Human Rights and International Affairs from Columbia University and she is a licensed lawyer in Israel with a B.A. in law from the Hebrew University. After receiving her PhD, in which she wrote a dissertation about women traitors within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she has been awarded a Post-Doc fellowship from the Leibniz-DAAD foundation. She moved to Berlin to carry out a one year research project as a guest researcher at the WZB (Social Science Research Center Berlin), investigating the Israeli immigrant community in the city. Currently she is a visiting researcher at the Davis Institute for International Relations at the Hebrew University. 

Her research interests include gender theory, identity, the construction of nationalism, patriotism and the concept of treason. She is also interested in postcolonial theory that links East and West, and the intersectionality of gender, race and class in the global North and South.