Glocal 2020 Magazine Launch: Cities and International Development

18 June, 2020

On Thursday June 18th, 2020, the Glocal Program launched its Annual Magazine, written and edited by Glocal alumni and students.

This year, the Magazine focuses on international development in the context of cities, urban renewal, urban migration and city lives. The different perspectives from the field present a complex picture, of inequality and poverty, but also one of opportunities, for public participation in decision making; shared space and cultural exchange; and channels for urban renewal and peacebuilding. 

The Magazine Launch, held virtually this year, included a short lecture by Prof. Avner De-shalit, a Professor in the Department of Political Science and previously the Academic Head of the Glocal Program; and a panel discussion, hosted by Dr. Emily Silverman, Head of the Urban Clinic at HUJI, with the participation of experts from the field in India, Israel and Ecuador.