Glocal 2020 Magazine Launch: Cities and International Development

18 June, 2020

On Thursday June 18th, 2020, the Glocal Program launched its Annual Magazine, written and edited by Glocal alumni and students.

This year, the Magazine focuses on international development in the context of cities, urban renewal, urban migration and city lives. The different perspectives from the field present a complex picture, of inequality and poverty, but also one of opportunities, for public participation in decision making; shared space and cultural exchange; and channels for urban renewal and peacebuilding. 


Glocal Magazine 2019 Event Launch

5 May, 2019

Every year Glocal produces a magazine centered around a chosen theme, that is relevant to the field of International Development. In 2019 the magazine focused on the relations between Development and the Environment, the content throughout the event explored this topic from various angles. Our honored keynote speaker was Prof. Alon Tal (Tel-Aviv University) which discussed the tension between Development and the Environment from a more macro level, through elaborating on environmental policies. We had two short presentation from two alumni Alon Cohen Lifshitz and Hannah Reinl with stories from the field. We ended with a panel discussion that focused on environment and sustainability looking from local knowledge systems while exploring community development through environmental projects. The panel was moderated by Rina Kedem who worked over the last years with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES) on environmental projects across the region with a focus on the nexus between community empowerment, environment and regional cooperation.

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The event was organized as a partnership between the Glocal Program, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and SID Israel and sponsored by Urban Place.

This exciting event brought together around 110 professional development workers, activists, students, researchers and those interested in the field to have fun and explore the annual theme! 

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