Introduction to International Development

The course provides students with an introduction to the field of international development, while focusing on community development and the impact of development interventions on disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Course/Module aims: 
Provide students with in depth understanding and knowledge in the main theories which developed in the field of international development since the mid 20th century. 
Encourage students to develop critical thinking of the relationship between theory and practice and expand their knowledge on various practices and methods of international development in developing countries in recent years.

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to: 
• Discuss main theories developed since the mid 20th century in the field of international development 
• Analyze the links between historical processes and the development of theories in the field of international development 
• Distinguish between various development theories and approaches 
• Compare various approaches to the understanding of poverty and development 
• Explain the emergence of human and community based approaches to development since the 1980s 
• Compare the construction and components of the MDGs and SDGs as the main pillars of global policy making in the field of international development 

This course is taught by Dr. Reut Barak Weeks