The Clinic for Multiculturalism and Diversity

"The Clinic enabled me to challenge my Judaism, and thus my identity. To feel a "stomachache" sometimes, but out of the understanding that it is the right thing, to blur the differences and to understand that each person is a universe.  The concern to the "other" is what makes us a society. If we fail in that, and there are those among us who do not receive their fundamental rights, we failed as a State and as a society". 

A student at the Clinic for Multiculturalism and Diversity


The Clinic for Multiculturalism and Diversity provides legal aid to individuals and groups who are being discriminated because of their identity, among those groups are Arab-Israelis, Immigrants from Ethiopia, transgender people, and more.  The clinic also deals with promoting an inter-cultural dialogue, and leads unique projects in this area.

The Clinic is working on developing new strategies to fight discrimination and incitement to racism, and is also engaged in promoting diversity in employment, shaping an inter-cultural public space and providing cultural accessibility of welfare and health services.

Among the Clinic's recent achievements:

  • The clinic published "Diversity Now" – a newsletter on issues of multiculturalism and diversity distributed in Hebrew, English and Arabic. The newsletter describes the Clinic's work, alongside relevant local and international news. 


  • The Clinic filed a lawsuit concerning racial profiling against the Ministry of Transportation, claiming that public transportation security guards conducted an unjustified search, detained and assaulted a Hebrew University Medical student, solely due to her Arab origin.  


  • Following the Clinic's complaint, a  police officerwas indicted and later convicted for humiliating a transgender woman. The Clinic is now working on a follow-up civil suit for damages.