The Clinical Legal Education Center



The Clinical Legal Education Center (CLEC) at the Hebrew University is an integral part of Israel’s foremost Faculty of Law and one of the country’s leading clinical centers. CLEC activities are based on a two-pronged approach which offers the highest quality legal aid to a wide range of disadvantaged individuals and groups while engaging law students in top-notch, hands-on clinical and practical experience. 

Law students experience practical legal work and attend forums and workshops that provide them with the legal tools essential for effectively performing their pro bono activities. Faculty members guide the students in their clinical work and help them to understand and gain insights on the social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of their future profession, while the students also benefit from interaction with professionals in other disciplines, including social work, business administration and disability studies. This high investment in our students has proven well worth it — indeed, as they pursue their professional careers, a majority of our students remain committed to, and aware of, social responsibility as an integral part of the legal profession.

The CLEC comprises 8 clinics: The Representation of Marginalized Groups Clinic; the Criminal Justice Clinic; the International Human Rights Clinic; the Rights of People with Disability Clinic; the Rights of Youth at Risk Clinic; the Economic Development of Women Clinic; the Innocence Project (wrongful convictions); and the Multiculturalism and Diversity Clinic.