The International Human Rights Clinic


The Clinic's team worked tirelessly, losing their free time and sleep hours, in order to be a part of our journey to submit the report on time. Regardless of whether the report will have an impcat on the UN committee, we felt that this positive energy of love and solidarity has already created a huge impact. 

Esti Rider, Co-director of the NGO "Nivcharot"


The International Human Rights Clinic works to promote and applyinternational human rights law to Israeli reality and legal system. The Clinic provides legal assistance to both individuals and organizations, advancing large-scale impact around the status and rights of the most vulnerable constituents in Israel today. The Clinic facilitates dialogue and exchange among Israeli Human Rights organizations, UN treaty bodies and Israeli policy shapers. It focusses on legal representation of minority groups, such as Palestinians from East Jerusalem, ultra-orthodox women, asylum seekers and other stateless persons, while also publishing position papers and draft bills that promote their civil, political, cultural and social rights.  


Among the Clinic's recent achievements: 

  • The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women accepted the recommendations of a report submitted by the Clinic on behalf of the NGO "Nivcharot", dedicated to the right of ultra-orthodox women to be elected to political parties. The Committee published its comments regarding Israel, and recommended that Israel amend legislation so as to disqualify political parties whose bylaws prevent women from becoming party members and being elected to the Knesset or to municipal authorities.


  • The Clinic assisted an East Jerusalem resident to receive temporary residency for his wife, in the framework of a family reunification case, brought before the Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration in East Jerusalem. The temporary residency enables the woman to receive social benefits, for the first time in eighteen years.