Photographic memories of the Jerusalem School 

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In memory of Prof. Irene Shirun-Grumach (1937-2021) 



Irene Grumach-Shirun was a corner-stone in the Jerusalem school of Egyptology throughout the last two decades of the twentieth century. Together with Sarah Groll and Miriam Lichtheim she educated generations of future Egyptologists and other curious students from various departments in Jerusalem in the areas of Egyptian religion, literature, and art.

To a department with a strong linguistic and philological inclination, she added her deep understanding and intimate knowledge of Egyptian religion and culture. This was indispensable for those of us fortununate enough to study in her classrooms. Her lectures opened a portal for young scholars in Jerusalem into German Egyptological traditions and scholarship. Her writings on Maat and Koenigsnovelle are classics.

The book she edited,  Jerusalem Studies in Egyptology (1998), mirrors the Jerusalem School's wide-ranging cooperation with many Egyptologists worldwide. It includes excellent articles by (then) students and faculty, many of which are of utmost relevence still today.  

 יהי זכרה ברוך



Irene Shirun-Grumach, Kenneth A. Kitchen, Sarah I. Groll, Orly Goldwasser, Stefan Wimmer, Deborah Sweeney




At Copenhagen 27 May, 1986

Irene Shirun-Grumach, Sarah I. Groll, Orly Goldwasser, Amihai Ofel 



H.J. Polotsky, Leo Depuydt, Mordechai Gilula 

                                                                                             groll polotskygroll and polotsky                                                                                            

                                  H.J. Polotsky, Sarah I. Groll



gilula teaching   gilula  

Mordechai Gilula 


groll  orly 

Sarah I. Groll                                                                                                    Orly Goldwasser


H.J. Polotsky, Sarah I. Groll 




Sarah I. Groll, participants (left to right) Pascal Vernus, Anthonio Loprieno, Christopher Eyre, Jean Winand 


groll and polotsky

Sarah I. Groll and H. J. Polotsky


groll goldwasser

Orly Goldwasser, Sarah I. Groll, Hirokazu Oikawa




Sarah I. Groll, Amihai Ofel visiting in Egypt



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Public lecture at the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
December 11, 2018

Egyptology in Nazi Germany: Ideology, Scholarship, Careers
Prof. Thomas Schneider

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schneider lecture




In memory of Hans Jakob Polotsky