Who We Are


The Center for the Study of Civil Society and Philanthropy in Israel, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was established in 2006 in partnership with the Israel-Joint Distribution Committee. It is the first academic research center of its kind in Israel, and works towards enhancing knowledge in the fields of civil society, philanthropy and cross-sector partnerships. To this end, The Center works in cooperation with major philanthropic foundations and umbrella organizations in Israeli civil society. In addition, The Center partners with leading international research centers and scholars in these fields.

Areas of Interest and Research

Civil Society in Israel: components, characteristics and its influence on society and the economy.

Historical development of civil society and philanthropy in Israel.

Cross-sector partnerships between civil society, philanthropic organizations, the government and the private sector.

Government policy towards civil society and philanthropy.

Civic engagement and volunteerism.

The role of civil society and philanthropy in public policy making.

Gender, civil society, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Civil society and philanthropy in the Arab-Palestinian society in Israel.

Civil society, philanthropy and social innovation.

The roles civil society and philanthropy in social services.

The Center's Activity

The Center for Study of Civil Society and Philanthropy in Israel develops basic and applied research knowledge on civil society and philanthropy in Israel, as well as in Jewish communities around the world. The Center studies the various aspects and characteristics of civil society activity and philanthropy in Israel, and examines how these activities contribute to society. Our findings serve as a base for the development of academic curricula and enrichment programs in the field of civil society philanthropy. In addition, The Center hosts international conferences, workshops, symposiums, seminars and international courses related to civil society and philanthropy.