Towards Optical Nanoscopy - international course on super-resolution light microcopy

Lecturer:       Prof. Thorben Cordes from Ludwig Maximilians University

Coordinator: Dr.    Eitan Lerner

Course/Module description:
The cell includes compartments observable by standard light microscopy, but also proteins, nucleic acids, metabolites and their complexes of nanometer-scale, that are hard to be observed with good resolution.
The Nobel prize in Chemistry for 2014 was given for developments that allowed getting resolutions better than the light resolution limitation. Since then, the field has been updated to be Nanoscopy rather than Microscopy - observing cellular entities of single nanometer size. In this course we will learn about super-resolution microscopy, the different techniques and capabilities, and about what applications the near future holds for us.

Learning outcomes - On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
Understanding the principles of microscopy and super-resolution microscopy/nanoscopy and knowing the different methods available today.

1st semester