Available Positions

Available positions

M.Sc./PhD positions are available in the Lerner lab, the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, the Hebrew University.

My lab studies the mechanism of action of biomolecules and the associated structures using a combination of biochemistry, cutting-edge spectroscopic technology and computational biology. Projects include:

  1. The structure of a paused & backtracked intrmediate of the bacterial transcription initiation complex, and the molecular mechanisms that promote antibiotic survivability
  2. Novel mechanisms of control over transcription - how do transcription factors "communicate" with the transcription complex?
  3. Are “intrinsically disordered” proteins (IDPs) truly disordered? The structure(s) of the alpha-Synuclein IDP, and its role in the onset of Parkinson's disease (PD)
  4. Allostery and synchronized domain motions in multi-domain enzymes
  5. Specific detection of biomarkers without amplification
  6. Imaging of weak protein-protein interactions

The lab is multidisciplinary and provides the opportunity to gain experience in biochemistry, computational biology, single-molecule detection and molecular biophysics.

We are seeking students that are

  • Curious & thinking “out of the box”
  • Highly motivated
  • Team players
  • Experience in one of the following is an advantage
    • Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
    • Optics/electro-optics/light spectroscpy
    • Computational biology

For more details, feel free to contact Dr. Eitan Lerner,  eitan.lerner@mail.huji.ac.il