The International Dimension of Development

This course focuses on several major topics regarding economic development and the position of developing countries in the contemporary trading system. The course addresses the principal dimensions and measurement of "underdevelopment", principal theories of development (i.e., why some countries managed to become "developed" while the other remained underdeveloped?), the basic principles of the GATT/WTO system, the WTO special rules regarding trade with developing countries.

The course is taught by Prof. Moshe Hirsch

Prof. Hirsch is a professor of international law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Law Faculty and Department of International Relations). In the past, he served as the Vice Dean of the Law Faculty, Chairperson of the Department of the International Relations, and Director of the International Law Forum. Prof. Hirsch specializes in international economic law (trade, investment and economic development), and international legal theory. A significant part of his publications involves interdisciplinary research that employs, inter alia, sociological theories, game theory, political economy and political science .His recent publications include “African Countries in the World Trading System” (coauthor), "International & Comparative Law Quarterly" (2012); "Interactions between Investment and Non-Investment Obligations in International Investment Law", in Oxford Handbook of International Law on Foreign Investment (Christopher Schreuer, ed., Oxford University Press, 2008); “The Sociology of International Economic Law”, European Journal of International Law (2008) and “Compliance with International Norms In the Age of Globalization: Two Theoretical Perspectives" in the Impact of International Law on International Cooperation (Eyal Benvenisti and Moshe Hirsch, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2004) .


Prof. Moshe Hirsch