The Economic Empowerment of Women Clinic


“The work at the Clinic allowed me to leave the theory and enter the real world, to understand the practical meaning of the law in day-to-day life, to see how law influences people's lives, and how it can be used to help them.”

A student at the Economic Development of Women Clinic


The Economic Development of Women Clinic promotes and protects the economic rights of women, focusing on women positioned at the ethnic/national/religious/socio-economic margins and mainly working to effect broad policy change and change in attitudes towards these women, who commonly confront multiple levels of discrimination. The Clinic examines questions related to women in various sectors from business and the financial markets through the labor market to the welfare system.  

In its efforts to promote women’s status and rights in the economic sphere, the Clinic’s policy- change activities include drafting amendments to laws and writing position papers, with the aim of improving the economic opportunities, work conditions and welfare of women in the Israeli society in general. Alongside these activities, a major part of the Clinic’s work is focused on assisting individual women (and sometimes groups of women). The Clinic serves women in the socio-economic margins of Israeli society, including ultra-Orthodox women and single mothers.


Among the Clinic's recent achievements:

  1. The Clinic drafted a proposed bill allowing flexible working hours for all employees in Israel in order to promote family-friendly government policies. 

  2. Based on a study conducted by the Clinic on how sexual harassment in the public service is addressed, the Clinic submitted a petition to the Administrative Court, which led the Government to introduce a right to appeal inner administrative decisions regarding sexual harassment complaints.