The Clinic on Human Rights in Cyberspace

The Clinic on Human Rights in Cyberspace commenced its activities in the current 2018/19 academic year and its establishment reflects the growth in cyber law and issues such as cyber security, digital rights, monitoring and surveillance, and cyber offences. The Clinic seeks to educate cadres of students — and future practitioners — by immersing them in cyber-law, cyber-criminology and internet law issues through individual representation (for instance, of victims of on-line incitement or minors affected by unlawful exposure to sexually explicit contents); policy change (for instance, the exploration of more effective law-enforcement tools to curb inappropriate content); and education towards raising public awareness of cyber rights. There are 17 students participating in the Clinic’s inaugural year, and clients are being referred by the Israeli Internet Association, NGOs in the field, law firms and through direct requests from victims. 

The purpose of the Clinic is to accumulate knowledge about the actual application of cyber law in Israel, which will serve as the basis for academic research and practical reform proposals. The Clinic's activity focuses on the protection of digital rights in cyberspace - mainly the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy. The clinic takes an active role in shaping the legal norms that apply to digital rights in Israel, in two main and parallel fashions; the clinic participates in the drafting these norms - whether it is by legislation of laws in the parliament, or by challenging administration actions of the government, or acts made by private actors. More so, the clinic offers free legal aid to people who suffered infringement of their digital rights; whether it is by the government, by private actors, or by fellow citizens. 

The Digital Rights Clinic operates as a joint venture of the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center and the Clinical Legal Education Center at the Faculty of Law. It is headed by a professional lawyer specializing in the field of cyber law – Dana Yafe, and an academic scholars – Prof Yuval Shany and Dr. Tamar Berenblum, who together guide and supervise the students.

For more information about the clinic, please visit The Federmann Cyber Security Center